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Why Energy Healing?


Most of us think our body stops at our skin but it actually extends through the seven layers of our aura.  If you hold your arms out at length and turn around, that diameter approximates the reach of your aura.  

Anxiety, chronic illness, trauma, and emotional patterning all start in the energy field before reaching and manifesting in the physical body.  My work is grounded in a system that works in the chakras and aura of the astral (emotional) and etheric (physical) bodies.

Our work together can help:

  • Clear emotional energy and remove energetic blockages
  • Facilitate shifts or clearance of energy that is ready to move on or out
  • Welcome clean, new energy that supports you and restores energetic balance
  • Stimulate the evolution of patterns and behaviors that may have limited you in the past

Tools of the practice:

  • Clairvoyant observation of the astral and etheric bodies
  • Interaction with current energy to understand what is present 
  • Assessment of energy that is blocked and / or ready to be cleared
  • Use of hands on and off the body to clear, release, introduce and move energy




Stress and Tension

Behavioral Patterns

Limiting Beliefs/Mindset

Emotional Imbalances

Relationship Challenges

Add a custom flower essence to your service: $25

Flower essences are natural infusions made from the flowering part of the plant at the height of its bloom, steeped in pure spring water and sunlight. Each bottle curates the energy and vibration of each individual flower. All flowers offer a unique wisdom and message that they lovingly want to share with us. Flower essences help propel us into growth, healing and change at a deep emotional level and help release limiting patterns in our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves.  This can catalyze recognition of the subtle changes that will occur. Taking flower essences consistently can create major shifts in our day-to-day emotional balance. This can include feeling more joyful, confident, being more forgiving of yourself and others and feeling a deeper connection to your higher self and spiritual well-being. I like to think of flower essences as our natural earthly guides leading us back to our own inner compass.


“Lindsay is a light in this world. Not only does she listen and make decisions thoughtfully, but she intently tunes into other’s energy and rhythms. As her client, I feel gratitude for her attention, response and encouragement—both genuine and natural. I trust her, and I don’t feel such confidence easy.”

~ D.W.


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It’s always a pleasure working with clients as they heal.


Welcome to Pinecone Healing where we will explore, release, heal, evolve and journey together. 

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