Housewarming Kit


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This is a great kit if you’ve just moved, purchased a new home, or just need to reclaim your space.

How to use the housewarming kit:

Step 1. Lite your sage bundle and walk through all the corners of your home and say out loud. “Please clear any energy that is not here for my highest good and healing.”

Step 2. Spray your sacred space clearing spray throughout the house to clear out any old energy so that you can replenish it with your new fresh energy.

Step 3. Set out your stones in a place that calls to you.

The darker smoky quartz is a good protective and grounding stone. It helps dissipate negativity and balances energies of mind and body.

The tree agate helps bring inner peace, abundance and strengthens family connections.

Step 4. Lite your candle and call in what you are wanting to bring into your new home. Set an intention and call in those energies.

That’s it! Enjoy and welcome to your new home!