Full Moon Kit




This kit has everything you need to enjoy and honor in the full moon.

This kit includes: Sage bundle, roll-on perfume oil to charge in the moon light, bath soak with specific herbs for the full moon and a full moon candle.

How to use full moon kit-

Step 1. Light your sage to cleanse and clear all your surroundings.
Step 2. Take your roll-on perfume oil and roll on your wrist, arms and along your neck- breathe in the lovely aromas made specifically for the full moon. Afterwards, place your perfume oil under the moon light to charge so you can continue working with these energies throughout the month or as long as you need. You can place it outside or in the window sill that will get direct moon light.
Step3. Draw a warm bath and sprinkle the bath soak in the water. These herbs are specific for the full moon, so enjoy soaking it all in.
Step 4. Light your candle and set an intention to release something that you are ready to clear or that has been holding you back. It can be an old outdated story you’ve been telling yourself, or time to purge an old friendship that is no longer matching your growth. Anything that feels like it’s time to purge. This creates space to call in new fresh energy that is supporting your healing journey.

Happy full moon!