These last few months I have been sitting with this quote and how it has pertained to my life currently. I used to be a bit of a sceptic about trusting my intuition and what was coming up for me. It was almost like I had two heads and they were often in conflict with each other. One would say “trust your gut it always knows best” and the other would play on all of my fears. That voice brings feelings of shame, not being good enough and being undeserving.

I have always been a visual person so I wanted to SEE what was next, to be able to predict each and every step, to feel like I was in control of the outcome. But I started to notice that when I did that I was missing out on so much magic – all the beautiful layers in between and trusting what I was feeling and sensing before I could see the whole picture in front of me.

Knowing when to make the next step is daunting, but trusting and believing in myself has become so powerful. I will now be living by the words “I’ll see it when I believe it!”

~ Lindsay
Pinecone Healing