Are you a highly sensitive and intuitive human?

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Do you find yourself:

  • Taking on the energy of the room at work or with clients
  • Having difficulty saying no and setting boundaries 
  • Feeling ungrounded and anxious
  • Having trouble finding your inner voice and intuition

Turn your sensitivity into a superpower and learn energetic hygiene skills that will protect your energy at work, with friends, family members and significant others.

You are a sensitive being because you are an intuitive empath.

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What People Are Saying

Lindsay has helped me see into the shadows and let go of what needs letting go.  Through her energy work, I have felt my body/spirit lifted and I am able to stay grounded for longer periods of time. I feel lucky to have such a wonderful  guide into this inner realm.

~ Tina

I first met Lindsay with an open and curious mind about what energy healing is, not having experienced it before. Coming from a science background I’m always full of questions, and often skeptical. She took the time to answer them and help me see the connections I was asking about. Her diverse background in other healing arts gives her a broader perspective on healing and I know I would have been disappointed by someone else who didn’t have the variety of training she has had. After the first 2 sessions, I observed a greater sense of calm within and found myself more able to recenter myself in a shorter amount of time after facing challenges and stressors in my life. My reset time has been shortened – this is invaluable for me. Through continued sessions, she taught me how to align my chakras myself, how to visualize my aura and different healing practices to use for both

~ Marissa T.

“My work with Lindsay has opened my eyes to parts of my spirit about which I had always been curious. Through her guidance and powerful energy, I have felt a presence grounded in my own body and a centered energy that I’ve never before experienced. She is sincere, thoughtful, patient teacher and the work we have done has been life-altering in ways I wasn’t expecting. Largely thanks to this work, I feel as though I am making strides to let go of things that I didn’t need anymore and I am becoming a version of myself that is just exactly who I am supposed to be right now.”

~ Hannah