Pinecone Healing


Meet Lindsay

Lindsay is a native Oregonian with her roots deep in the 80 acres of forest that surrounded her in her youth. In those forests she learned to see, hear and feel the gifts of nature and the universe around her. She was drawn to the natural world and inspired to channel it into creative arts that she ultimately wove into her practice as a healer.

In 15 years of practice...

Lindsay has honed in on her natural ability of working with people one-on-one. She has invested her curiosity in how people tick, cope and heal. Eventually, this stirred her soul and inspired a journey of self-discovery and study. 

As an Energy Practitioner and hair stylist, Lindsay draws on an immersive education that began with a year-long mentorship called Under the Eagles Wing, with Shayne Case who is Mnikȟówožu, Lakota. Her own indigeneity roots were explored in facets of self-care, energetic boundaries, intuitive practices, and serving on this earth as a healer. This was the start of a personal transformation. She went on to complete a clairvoyant training called Art Of The Healer and a program in medical astrology and astro-herbalism at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. This was an outstanding study of the plants and planets and the windows into our bodies through astrology. Lindsay most recently completed The Path of the Energy Healer and is now working on the advanced certification program through The Energy Healing Institute. 

Pinecone Healing is a place to explore the power of energy healing and deepen your self-understanding. Lindsay strives to empower others to connect with and understand their emotional body, consciously interact with past patterns and learn practices of energetic hygiene. She creates a warm and welcoming space where you will be supported and guided by her through your own journey.

Why I named my business Pinecone Healing

The name Pinecone was born out of a guided meditation through my mentorship, Under The Eagles Wing. The goal in the meditation was to walk us to our gift from the natural world. When I looked down I found a pinecone. “What does this gift mean," I thought before I told my mentorship group what I had found. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the pinecone represents human enlightenment, the third eye and our 6th sense. The pinecone is shaped just like our pineal gland the intuitive center of the brain. It seemed fitting that my business would be called, Pinecone Healing.

My story and why I was guided to do this work:

In my early 20s I started to experience the magnitude of being a highly intuitive person. I could feel everything at such a hightened frequency and I didn’t know how to manage it. I started to develop severe anxiety that later manifested into panic attacks that I couldn’t shake. I became the guinea pig for many different types of new medications for anxiety. I spent a year completely numb, unattuned to the world around me, and detached from my authentic self. It was in that year that I knew there had to be something else.  Another way.

I began my journey along the holistic route that eventually lead me to energy healing. It was the ticket to my success in not only managing my anxiety, but more importantly getting me to the root of what was coming up for me that was causing my fight or flight responses. Since my discovery of meditation, flower essences and energy healing I have been able to be free of the daily extremes of anxiety and panic attacks. This was the inspiration that lead to the call of this new practice. I wanted others to experience the relief and guidance to another modality that paves the way for healing, getting to the root cause, and eliminating the fight or flight responses. It’s a natural gift we all carry, we just need to make the time and space to tap into our own inner guides and compass. 


Welcome to Pinecone Healing where we will explore, release, heal, evolve and journey together. 

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